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Dogs and Porcupines

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Dogs and Porcupines

Longer, hotter days are at last here.

After extend periods of time at the doctor’s facility, I discover it’s an ideal opportunity to unwind on the deck with some lemonade and citronella candles as the sun leaves strips of pink and lavender over the slopes.


It appears bug season comes ideal on the foot rear areas of the last snow softening in New England.

Nightfall. Individuals out running their mutts. Late night strolls in the midst of the backwoods, the glades — and the porcupines.

Nooo! Not plume season once more! At the point when do canines regularly get quilled by porcupines? At first light and sunset, when the porkeys are generally dynamic. At the point when do individuals have time for long strolls? Previously or after work or on ends of the week. So when do plume puppies in all probability require help? On crisis, when the healing center is shut.

This is the reason numerous people attempt to expel porcupine plumes themselves. My brisk answer? Try not to attempt to evacuate them yourself, except if there are truly only a FEW plumes on an extremely tame canine. A couple, I would state, implies you can tally the plumes on your fingers.

What’s in a Quill?

Porcupines, endemic in numerous provincial territories, are individuals from the rat family. They are nighttime and are busier amid the hotter months, mating and messing about, searching for supper.

When they get unnerved — say, by a cavorting romping pooch bouncing near their home turf — they get somewhat cautious. Pivoting, they push the tail against the attacker, possibly inserting many plumes into that nose that is yelping up the wrong porcupine. Wild creatures, for example, wolves, foxes, mountain lions can pass on of starvation if a genuine quilling renders them unfit to eat.

The most well-known zone for a puppy to get quilled is — duh! — in the face and the mouth. Either simply establishing about in the wrong place or really impelled on by the prey drive, puppies generally get whacked in the gag with the plumes. Those sufficiently senseless to clench down on the poor porcupine get a MOUTHFUL of plumes.

It is astounding what number of canines observe this action to be a late spring sport. The woeful customer will appear with their pooch stacked with many plumes and perpetually say, “This’ll show him, right, Doc? He won’t do this once more.” They would be mixed up. I had a Jack Russell that got quilled an amazing 15 times. Truly, I think Jack the Ripper was an individual from He simply continued searching for the correct date.

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